Final Live Show at Liliencarre Wiesbaden

On the 29th of September our 11 young champion gymnasts have performed the last in series of five live-shows taking place at Liliencarre Wiesbaden.  They have performed amazing elements and exercises with discipline and skill. Our hope was to increase public awareness of gymnastics and the lack of facilities in the Wiesbaden area. The children of the Kunstturnen Wiesbaden gymnastic team work very hard to achieve their goals and dreams through difficult training conditions while their courageous and selfless trainers work hard trying to find a permanent trainings hall for these young artistic gymnasts. The children deserve a training facility awarded them as other professional gymnastic teams around the world. 


We wish to thank all visitors, supporters and friends for taking the time see the performances or donating to the cause as well as tireless parents and family members who helped organize the events. We are grateful for the opportunity that was given to us by Liliencarre Wiesbaden, which was essential in this attempt to inform the citizens of Wiesbaden about our situation. Special thanks go to the incredible trainers Monika Heinisch-Göbel and Angela Göbel, who still have not given up supporting our young gymnasts in following their dreams and surprising us all with their incredible achievements despite the harsh training conditions. The next live show is scheduled for the 16th of October during the halftime break of ladies volleyball national league teams. If you wish to support our team or require more information, please feel free to contact us. 

A. Layne


Posted on October 5, 2013 .